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Samurai Training Tokyo Asakusa

What is Samurai Training Tokyo Asakusa?

This ”Samurai Training Tokyo Asakusa” will help you fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a Samurai. Put on samurai costume and practice how to use katana. A souvenir certificate will be given after your training session. Sharpen your spirit and be ready to master some samurai techniques!

Point 1

This is a place called Asakusa, one of the most famous tourist destinations in Japan.

Point 2

A teacher of the school will instruct you carefully! 

Point 3

Show off your cool samurai battle movies!

Point 4

Official certificate with photo presented!

Samurai Training Tokyo ASAKUSAの衣装


Change the costume

Kimonos and hakama are worn and swords are attached.

Samurai Training Tokyo ASAKUSAの写真撮影


Take a photo 

The instructor will guide you in taking pictures in various poses. At the end of the experience, photo data will be given to you on an SD card.

Samurai Training Tokyo ASAKUSAの礼法


Start training 

Start with etiquette, practice kata, and practice a movie-like samurai battle, which we will video with our smartphones.

Samurai Training Tokyo ASAKUSAの公式認定書


Get a certificate

​After the experience, you will receive a certificate with your picture on it. You are now a Samurai from today!

 Flow after your visit 

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